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Topshop in Hong Kong

So Forever 21 and Abercrombie and Fitch made its way to Hong Kong. Now, the much anticipated high street retailer, Topshop is going to finally open its doors this May!

Can’t wait, can’t wait, CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

SS 2013 lookbook

Asia Standard Tower, 56 – 65 Queen’s Road Central

Movie Inspired

I absolutely love watching movies!

Just last I stayed at home sick for a week and just went through movie after movie. I rewatched my favourite Gone with the Wind for about the 80th time and I’m still loving it. Can’t fight falling in love with a character like Scarlett O’Hara! Started a movie marathon and watched another of my favourites, Grease. Sandra Olsen (Olivia Newton John) is so beautiful and perfect both as a nerdy goody two shoes and as a sexy badass.

I was very inspired by the movie outfits and decided to scavenger for the looks online! Here’s what I found.


Need for Neon

When was the last time neon colours were in? Finally, they brought it back and now you can wear wacky colours without looking like a circus clown. My favourite is the yellow. Not that anything doesn’t go well with black, but it goes soooo well with it! I even got neon yellow runners! LOL. Another of my favourites is beige and hot pink. So sexy and feminine! I especially love neon jewelry to add to earthy toned outfits.


Professional Attire

I find it terribly challenging to put together an outfit for a business related occasion. On one hand, you have to make sure you’re dressed professional and modest, yet you also have to make sure you still look good and not dull.

I always try to stick to the basics. I like neat, tailored blouses, pressed trousers, a blazer with colour/pattern, and maybe a necklace to finish. The hardest part is finding a handbag that matches the whole ensemble that’s also big enough to throw in all your regular stuff and documents.

I love a nice clean cut look with light colours for the spring!


Old Tees

It’s such an exciting time when the season changes and you can go out (or online) to acquire new pieces for your wardrobe. However, that also comes with the stress of organizing your closet. Don’t lie to yourself… You know there are a few things buried in there that you probably would never wear again. Instead of just throwing them out or donating it to a cause, you can try styling it up and making your very own one of a kind unique piece. Not to mention, a fun little DIY project.

One way of prolonging the life of boring old tees is to turn them into tie tops! The great thing about tie tops is that it is absolutely fool proof! You can cut and tie it low or crop it up!

tie top

tie top

Another hot summer trend this year is fringe tees and tanks. It’s really as simple as it looks.

Here’s a step-by-step to create your own fringe top!
1. Cut off sewn hem sleeves, collar and base
2. Mark a horizontal line across the front and back of tee (nicer to do it inside out so you don’t see the markings afterwards)
3. Cut thin strands from base to markings all the way around
4. Pull on fringe

Add ons!
1. Tie a knot in each end of the strands

1. Thread bead(s) through strands and tie a knot at the end

1. Tie together two strands in a small knot
2. Do this the entire way around (make sure you have even number of strands!)
3. …or do a second row

knotted fringe top

knotted fringe top

Bead and weave it!

beads and weave fringe top

beads and weave fringe top

Imagine you can save yourself the pain of throwing things out. You have a simple and easy DIY project you can do alone or with your friends. You come up with a one of a kind piece. You saved some extra cash on the latest trend that you would’ve end up buying at the store otherwise.

Get cutting! Start fringing!

Very First DIY Facial Mask

So for a few reasons I’ve decided to try my very first DIY mask. 1. It’s the end of the month and I don’t want to be cheap, but I really have to suck it up until my next paycheck. 2. I’ve seen this on Discovery TLC a bunch of times and have always wanted to try it. 3. With my new healthy diet, I’ve picked up a few avocadoes but have sliced into them before they were ripe enough to eat. 4. With the humid weather upon us, it’s a definite must to treat my skin to some moisture.

After some casual browsing through websites to check out how to make your own avocado mask, I’ve come up with my own. Through trial and error, I’ve tweaked it to suit myself. So, apparently cucumber, honey, yoghurt, milk and oatmeal are not only good to eat, but good on the skin too!

It’s super simple.
1. Cut up some ingredients
2. Mash and mix them up together in a small bowl
3. Apply onto clean skin
4. Lay down and let it sit for 20 minutes. (Don’t wander around too much otherwise you’ll end up with what looks like a green melting face and a blob of goo on your top… trust me!)
5. Rinse off

avocado pulp

avocado pulp

Avocadoes are great as it refines pores and tightens the skin. It has a lot of natural oils that help hydrate dry skin which is equally important. I tend to put in quite a bit of oatmeal in the mask, as i have combination skin, it really helps with ebum control.

I’m sorry I don’t have an exact recipe for you to follow and use since I just made it up as I went. But I highly recommend you doing the same and experiment then modify your beauty mixture.

Share with me some of your own DIY skincare solutions!


Reptile Rapture

I was never a huge fan of leopard print, tiger prints, or whatever other animal prints. However, I’m currently in love with embossed crocodile and snake print! I will pretty much snag anything leather, faux leather, print items that I can get my hands on! I started out with just accessories, but then got completely possessed with my obsession and picked up some pants and a dress too!

Here are a few items from my shopping haul and wish list!

shopping haul and wish list

shopping haul and wish list

Braids and Knots

I’ve been telling myself for months that I desperately need a haircut, but haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. It’s really embarrassing how much of a procrastinator I am! But now that my hair is so long, I want to keep it just for a while longer and play around with it.

I love hair that looks as bit messy. Firstly because it isn’t too try hard, and more importantly, it’s more forgiving if you don’t get it exactly perfect. Here’s a super quick and easy way to do up your hair on those unmanageable days.

Messy Braid and Bun
1. Make a small (french) braid on one side of your head and tie with a small hair elastic. You can choose to leave your bangs or if it’s one of those really troublesome hair days, then you might as well throw them in. If you choose to do a french braid, the hair is gathered tighter and looks a bit neater.
2. Taking the braid and the rest of your hair twist and twirl hair into a bun. You can choose to tease your hair with some spray before you do this for a bigger, messier look. Loosen up the bun to make it look more erratic.
3. Use bobby pins to keep put loose pieces in place.


How do you manage a bad hair day?

messy bun


Spring has Sprung!

Spring, in my opinion, is the best time of the year! I’m so looking forward to picnics in the park, strolls on the beach and barbecues in the yard.

I’m welcoming the spring with my current favourites: big hats, printed maxi dresses and wedge sandals. What’s in your spring closet?

my spring favourites

my spring favourites


at the sheung wan park

view from sheung wan park

Look at what a beautiful day it is! Summer is to arrive! Living in Hong Kong, sometimes you forget what season it is since it’s been raining and grey for the last few weeks. But hot and sunny days are ahead! Which means, time to get into the fitness routine and shed off all I’ve been hiding under the fall layers. Time to hit the gym and cut down on the carbs!! Prepared to work for a slim, slender and sexy body.

Tried Guilty Kitchen’s Quinoa Salad recipe last night. For some reason, even though I followed the instructions EXACTLY, mine still didn’t look this pretty. Sure as hell it was massively delish though! Nom nom nom…

guilty kitchen's quinoa salad

guilty kitchen’s quinoa salad

Fitness or health advice, anyone?