Very First DIY Facial Mask

So for a few reasons I’ve decided to try my very first DIY mask. 1. It’s the end of the month and I don’t want to be cheap, but I really have to suck it up until my next paycheck. 2. I’ve seen this on Discovery TLC a bunch of times and have always wanted to try it. 3. With my new healthy diet, I’ve picked up a few avocadoes but have sliced into them before they were ripe enough to eat. 4. With the humid weather upon us, it’s a definite must to treat my skin to some moisture.

After some casual browsing through websites to check out how to make your own avocado mask, I’ve come up with my own. Through trial and error, I’ve tweaked it to suit myself. So, apparently cucumber, honey, yoghurt, milk and oatmeal are not only good to eat, but good on the skin too!

It’s super simple.
1. Cut up some ingredients
2. Mash and mix them up together in a small bowl
3. Apply onto clean skin
4. Lay down and let it sit for 20 minutes. (Don’t wander around too much otherwise you’ll end up with what looks like a green melting face and a blob of goo on your top… trust me!)
5. Rinse off

avocado pulp

avocado pulp

Avocadoes are great as it refines pores and tightens the skin. It has a lot of natural oils that help hydrate dry skin which is equally important. I tend to put in quite a bit of oatmeal in the mask, as i have combination skin, it really helps with ebum control.

I’m sorry I don’t have an exact recipe for you to follow and use since I just made it up as I went. But I highly recommend you doing the same and experiment then modify your beauty mixture.

Share with me some of your own DIY skincare solutions!


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