Old Tees

It’s such an exciting time when the season changes and you can go out (or online) to acquire new pieces for your wardrobe. However, that also comes with the stress of organizing your closet. Don’t lie to yourself… You know there are a few things buried in there that you probably would never wear again. Instead of just throwing them out or donating it to a cause, you can try styling it up and making your very own one of a kind unique piece. Not to mention, a fun little DIY project.

One way of prolonging the life of boring old tees is to turn them into tie tops! The great thing about tie tops is that it is absolutely fool proof! You can cut and tie it low or crop it up!

tie top

tie top

Another hot summer trend this year is fringe tees and tanks. It’s really as simple as it looks.

Here’s a step-by-step to create your own fringe top!
1. Cut off sewn hem sleeves, collar and base
2. Mark a horizontal line across the front and back of tee (nicer to do it inside out so you don’t see the markings afterwards)
3. Cut thin strands from base to markings all the way around
4. Pull on fringe

Add ons!
1. Tie a knot in each end of the strands

1. Thread bead(s) through strands and tie a knot at the end

1. Tie together two strands in a small knot
2. Do this the entire way around (make sure you have even number of strands!)
3. …or do a second row

knotted fringe top

knotted fringe top

Bead and weave it!

beads and weave fringe top

beads and weave fringe top

Imagine you can save yourself the pain of throwing things out. You have a simple and easy DIY project you can do alone or with your friends. You come up with a one of a kind piece. You saved some extra cash on the latest trend that you would’ve end up buying at the store otherwise.

Get cutting! Start fringing!

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