A Real Pair

A real pair is always better than a fake pair, but not for the case of lashes. Complaints of lashes not being full enough, thick enough, long enough, are indeed first world problems! The quarterback of the seduction game are the eyes, and nothing can beat a pair of eyes fringed with luring, luscious lashes. It’s forgivable that God didn’t give you wondrous long spider leg lashes, because you can just get extensions. Sounds a bit scary, but it’s painless, affordable and looks absolutely amazeballs. Whether or not you want volume, length, curl, or all, you can have it! Optimize your lashes with instantaneous full volume impact! They last 2 – 3 weeks depending how well you maintain them.

I got mine done at a dodgy looking building in Sheung Wan. I read raving reviews about the place and even though it’s not the pretties building, the beauticians are professional and experienced.

Forgot to take a pic of the before and after. But I will post a pic in a couple of weeks when I get them done again.



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