O Porto Interior Restaurante

Continuing my gastronomical adventures in Macau…

We were sick of staying in the Taipa area and wanted to go to our usual favourite, Fernando’s. It was a bit late and from past experience, we knew it would be too crowded to go. So, we just jumped into a cab and just asked the driver  to bring us to a good restaurant in the city. It’s a bit scary as you have no idea where he’s taking you, and if he really is recommending a decent restaurant or trying to just take you on a sight seeing tour and make a few extra bucks. Thankfully, our driver was great and brought us to an out of place restaurant in the midst of industrial buildings near the pier. O Porto Interior Restaurante.

It was really very quiet, with only 3 other tables occupied. We started off with some bread rolls and they were soo good! You can tell if bread is good or not by the sound of it, and boy, it had a crisp crunchy exterior and a warm fuzzy interior! Best bread ever! It was really hard to stop eating it, and I was worried I already had too much and wouldn’t finish the other dishes we ordered.

weird looking but most delicious bread

weird looking but most delicious bread

Clams in White Wine Sauce. The broth was delicious! It was a bit on the strong side though. You could taste the flavours of the wine, parsley, garlic, olives and fresh seafood in each shell. Will definitely order this again!

clams in white wine sauce

clams in white wine sauce

Spicy Pork Chop. Wasn’t my favourite… was good but nothing special. I think places like Tung Po in Hong Kong make it much better.

spicy pork chop

spicy pork chop

Grilled Half Chicken. Nice spiced fries, but the chicken was lacking in flavour and juice. It was decent, but Fernando’s grilled chicken is way better.

grilled chicken with fries

grilled chicken with fries

Baked Chicken and Mushroom Rice. This was soo good! And so big! It was definitely made for more than one person. Hot steaming rice with chives under a heavy layer of tender chicken pieces and portobello mushrooms and thick cream and baked cheese crust. LN particularly liked it as it reminded him of his mom’s Huehnerfrikassee. I didn’t know his German mother made Macanese dishes! Anyway, highly recommended!

baked rice with chicken and mushrooms

baked rice with chicken and mushrooms

Any restaurant recommendations for my next Macau visit?

baked rice with chicken and mushrooms
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4 thoughts on “O Porto Interior Restaurante

  1. Great review, the bread looks amazing ~ so does this mean you’d recommend a stop at Fernando’s? What is the best thing to order there, if so?
    Thanks! 🙂

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