Addictive Personality

I suffer from a mild-medium case of addiction. I have phases in my life where I am completely and wholly obsessed with something and cannot rid it until I’ve had an overdose and get sick of it. It started at a young age. I would watch and rewatch The Little Mermaid so many times that not only did I know every single line in the movie, I dreamt about it at night too. Then I had a phase of stuffing my face with bagels and cream cheese. I would eat one for breakfast, two for lunch and one again for dinner. Albeit unhealthy, that was all I ate for days until I found a replacement. I had a period in my life where I wasn’t emo, but only wore black (don’t think I got recovered from that completely yet). Or a time where I was hooked on Jean Sasson’s books. I would read all her novels, research about her, and even write her a letter expressing my love for her writing. Sometimes I feel possessed by my passion for the current fad. If food, fashion and leisure activities weren’t bad enough, I’ve even experienced this addiction with people! To fall head over heels over someone and constantly want to spend every waking (and sleeping) moment with them. It unfolded to be a rather unhealthy relationship and ugly conclusion as you may have guessed.

To say that I have an addictive personality is an understatement. But now that I’m older, I’ve learned to balance myself. I’ve managed to understand that everything is better in moderation. Few things have possessed me over the past years until recently.

Now my current infatuation is blogging. I’m only about two weeks in. I don’t know if anyone actually even reads my stuff, but I don’t care. No, I take that back. I care, but even if there’s three people out there that spends a minute or two reading whatever crap I’m rambling on about, that keeps me going. Hard to believe that all someone has to do is click the like button and my day just got 100 times better! I spend most of my free time blogging, and the rest of the time half-heartedly doing something else whilst thinking about what to blog about next. I find myself just typing away feverishly about anything that I’ve seen, read, watched, heard, ate, love and hate. I try to incorporate my likes and dislikes in the things I write about. Who knew this little realm of personal space could give me so much freedom for expression. Finally, a healthy and worthy addiction! : )


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