Met Gala Fail

Beyonce in Givenchy Couture by Riccardo Tisci

I love Beyonce, her music, her baby’s unique name, but this outfit? Matching knee boots? Seriously?

Sarah Jessica Parker in Giles Deacon

She will always be known and loved because of Carrie Bradshaw. This outfit will not. She seems to not have aged well and looks sick with the pale pink lips. The headpiece doesn’t work for me, and again, neither do the boots. Her panties are showing and just out of curiousity, how the hell does she sit in that tent?

Alexa Chung

So disappointing to see the beautiful Alexa Chung in this molded seaweed drape! Maybe it isn’t as bad as I think, but I guess I just had too much expectations from someone who almost always gets it right!

Gwyneth Paltrow in Valentino Couture

Gah!! Shocking pink, shocking indeed! After looking so hot in Iron Man 3 with that awesome body, I was hoping to see her in a more flattering outfit that would highlight her hard work at the gym. This is just blinding, and now I know why some people wear sunglasses at night.

Giselle Bundchen in Anthony Vaccarello

Ok, so she just had a baby and this is her first appearance since then, so I can understand that she wants her come back to show off her post baby hot bod. Her body looks absolutely fantastic! Yet, the dress just looks a bit trash to me. Rockin’ shoes though! Gilselle, hot; dress, not!

Katie Holmes in Calvin Klein Collection

What’s with the train? Like Suri’s Burn Book says, “a beautiful dress ruined when sharp scissors got into the wrong hands”

Jennifer Lopez in Michael Kors

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got, she’s still Jenny from the block. Totally tasteless and tacky.

Madonna in Givenchy

Well, well, she’s always known to be weird and inappropriate, and sometimes known for putting together really ugly outfits.

Elle Fanning in Rodarte

The dress is bad enough, but the makeup??? Even my 13 year old cousin knows not to match an outfit with the same shade makeup! This is so dreadful! Her stylist should be fired and her makeup artist should know better than to forget to remove the bib after he/she’s done.

Kim Kardashian in Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci

Many people hating on Kim because she’s a fake and ditsy. Normally, I love her style. Not today, not at the Met Gala. She looks like the sofa my grandparents threw out a few years back. Why can’t pregnant people dress right? You can still look good with a baby bump. Get inspired by Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba… careful not to be mistaken with Jessica Simpson!

Mary Kate Olsen in Vintage Chanel

Why is she bringing along an animal carcass to the Met Gala?

Haters gonna hate.

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