Bronze All Over Palette

The limited edition makeup essential from Giorgio Armani’s Summer 2013 collection is the Bronze All Over Palette.

It reads: Inspired by pleated lamé, this allover bronzer is this summer’s must-have. Use all over for a sun-illuminated complexion.

First thing’s first, holy smokes! This costs $700HKD. I debated with myself for a while before losing to my shopping urges. I am so glad I did, as this is a compact little case of all you need for a bronzed summer glow.The case comes with a top tier bronzer and a bottom tier eyeshadow trio.

Bronzer: I love this because there is so much shimmer with fine sparkles than big chunks of glittery bits that you sometimes get in bronzers. Not to mention, the ripple effect is just almost too pretty to ruin! The application is smooth and sheer, and blends in perfectly with Asian skin tone.


Eyeshadows: In Satin Beige, Rose Bloom and Mineral Bronze. What I like about light shade eyeshadows is that you can build it. It’s more forgiving if you mess up and is easily fixable. I try to limit the makeup I put on my eyes (especially in the day) as it’s so hot in Hong Kong that it tends to get a bit melty! Everyone knows that the less you have on, the less there is to run! So I quite like the combination of these eyeshadow tones. The lightest tone is my favourite as I like to use it to accent the inner corner of my eye and underneath the bottom lashes.


I’d give it a 8/10.

I’m looking and trying out more summer heat appropriate makeup and will share with you my experiences soon! If you have tips and advice, give me a shout!

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