I’ve been stuck for the past few days in a chicken wing phase. I’ve devoured wing after wing at every meal except breakfast yesterday. Three days and counting!

Saw an advertisement on tv for Maya, a Filipino/Mexican restaurant. With endless eateries and bars on the strip by the beach, I thought I’d give it a try.

Started with baked oysters. 250 pesos ($50 hkd) for a dozen baked oysters! They were ok. Lacks seasoning and not as fresh as I thought.


Also ordered amazingly delicious nachos! A good portion too! Not a huge pile of chips that you can’t finish.


As advertised, their signature salads! We ordered the seared tuna salad. Seared to perfection with a lot of balsamic dressing and a few (sunflower?) seeds. My favourite dish at Maya! Nom nom nom!!!


And last but not least, the chicken wings! Crisp wings drenched in a tangy sauce. Super tasty and of course super messy! Just the way wings are supposed to be.


Getting hungry just thinking about all the food again! Delish!

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