Fat Feet

I love Kim Kardashian and I’m not ashamed to say so. That is until now. She had already shocked me and lost a little bit of my respect when displaying her very pregnant body in a skin tight sofa throw at the Met Gala. She’s upped a level and I’m slightly embarrassed to admit to being a fan. A pregnant woman’s body is beautiful and miraculous. There’s no fault in showing off a big round belly, but it’s a crime to wear something unflattering, uncomfortable, and unsafe for your baby.

Don’t get me wrong, shoes are my religion. I would sacrifice money, comfort and balance to fit in a pair of to-die-for heels. Yes, I can be shallow at times. But for someone (who is already clumsy) to carry around a baby who’s about to pop and wear sky high heels is just ridiculous. It’s one thing if you’re risking falling over and hurting your hcild if you look good (even though that’s still wrong), but to squeeze those fat feet in tiny shoes that have them overflow out of the ugly plastic strap? Have some sense! You will be forgiven to be seen in sweats and flip flops when you’re this pregnant, Kim!

Treat yourself well and embrace the beauty of your body! You will never again be this close to your little one as soon as they see the world.

kimkkim feet

fatfeetKim Kardashian seen shopping with her mother

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One thought on “Fat Feet

  1. Oh wow, her poor feet must be so painful… Unless the circulation is so cut off, she doesn’t feel it!

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