Pose for Polaroid

What do I do in my free time? I continue my quest for the Polaroid Z2300. I describe the relationship between me and the Z2300 to be an example of love at first sight. Though I’ve been criticized time and time again about my photography skills (or lack thereof), it has not withered my interest in capturing moments. I’ve been amused by instant cameras and have been searching for some time for the perfect one. The ones I see all over the place are Fujifilm Instax cameras. They are bulky and clumsy looking which I imagine would make me look more a fool than I probably already do when trying to photograph. Then casually one day, I met the camera of my dreams, none other than the Polaroid Z2300. A sleek digital instant camera using ZINK paper with a peel off sticky back and allows you to edit the image before printing! The perfect gadget for a camera dummy like me!

I’m the female version of Bad Luck Brian in reality, so of course it had to be out of stock. Out of stock in Causeway Bay, in Tsim Sha Tsui, in Central, in Mong  Kok. Out of stock everywhere I checked! At this point I’m so desperate I look to buy online and wait for it to ship. But no luck there either. Why does this always have to happen? Find something you love and just can’t get hold of it!

Until today! Ermahgerd!!! LN found it at a bookstore near where he had a lunch meeting! YAY!! Just 4 more long hours until I will be united with my love and finally call it mine! Anticipation did make the heart grow fonder! : )


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