Jimmy’s Kitchen

Jimmy’s Kitchen has been around for years and years, but for some reason, I have never stepped foot in any of their restaurants. Sunday evening looking for a place to dine with no reservations isn’t the smartest thing to do. But I prefer not to commit unless I have to. So, wandering the busy city, I passed Jimmy’s Kitchen which did not have a long queue waiting outside. Not a great sign, but being too tired of looking further, I entered the cozy and dim lit, romantic restaurant. A decision I will not regret!

Baked Escargots 
I really loved this. Though the snails were small, it was flavourful and juicy. The garlic mash beneath was also smooth and creamy. The herbs were a great accent to an appetizing starter.

photo (5)

Poached Salmon with Greens and Mashed Potatoes 
The salmon was cooked just the right amount, not too raw and not too dry. It was so delicate enough that each piece flaked off. I drowned it in beurre blanc sauce and it was heaven! The only thing I disliked were the peas, just because, well, they’re peas.

photo (4)

Weiner Schnitzel with Potato Gratin 
Of course LN ordered his favourite dish. Any restaurant we go that has this on the menu, there is a 95% chance that he will order it. He was not disappointed. I stole a bite and it was good. I think he may have overdone it with the lemon though. Was a tad too citrus-y I thought, but he devoured every bit it and loved it.

photo (3)

I will definitely return to Jimmy’s Kitchen. Slightly mad at myself for not have found this gem earlier. JK has made it to my top 10 restaurants of Hong Kong : )

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