Healthy Choice

Making some smarter and healthier decisions. One of them is to quit smoking. Doing well so far, but for such a strong addiction, only time will tell either my success or failure.

My healthy eating has also taken a back seat whilst I was on holiday. Now it’s back to fresh vegetables and protein. It is challenging to find restaurants that serve dishes without carbs, and more difficult to find a place that doesn’t tempt me into indulging in something I shouldn’t. I would say my biggest struggle is cutting out the habit of having sweetened drinks! Goodbye gingerale, lemon ice tea, yakult and all things I love… I was told that alcohol contains a lot or calories too, but let’s not set unrealistic goals!

My lunch today with my buddy CS. Garden Salad, Zucchini Soup, Braised Beef in Kimchi and Baked Ling Fillet. A tasty and healthy meal!





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