Rainbow After the Rain

It was bright and sunny this morning so I took my laptop to a coffee shop and got comfortable in a couch. Sunshine coming in through the windows and blasting air-conditioning! Loving it! In just 15 minutes, the skies opened up and rain fell through. A heavy shower that was very unexpected. I sat watching the passersby scurry quickly through the streets. Before you know it, the skies are clear again, the sun is back bringing along a beautiful rainbow.

Life is just like this episode of rain. Everything is fine and all of a sudden things get shit. Stick it through for a little while and then you realize that all is well again and maybe sometimes even better! I’m going through a slight rough patch with my boyfriend now. Every relationship has it’s problems and sometimes you get lazy and forget that your partner isn’t to be taken for granted. I complain about the little things that I dislike about him. How foolish of me! There are countless wonderful things about him that I expect and treat as a given. I need to learn how to love his flaws and if I change my perspective, maybe it isn’t even a flaw.

Figuratively speaking, we are going through the rain. I pray that it will be over soon and the skies are bright again. We could use a little sunshine : )

by bluebalu

by bluebalu

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4 thoughts on “Rainbow After the Rain

  1. Liz says:

    Don’t we all love the rainbow?? means the rain is diverted! have a great week!

  2. Liz says:

    Hope you patch up soon?

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