Baby 59

A young 22 old mother flushes her new born baby down the toilet in Jinhua, China!! She then told her landlord that she heard weird kitten meowing sounds and he then called the police. They looked in the toilet and found a small foot! The baby was wedge in the pipe and couldn’t be removed. Firefighters cut the pipe and brought the baby along with the pipe to the hospital. The baby survived and only suffered minor abrasions.

I’ve been in trouble for flushing cigarette butts so I can’t imagine what will happen to the mother! The baby is the result of a casual affair and the mother has hid the pregnancy from everyone. It is strange that she had months to think about what to do, and the best she could come up with is flushing the infant down a squat toilet? It’s strange how someone 22 years of age can be so immature, stupid and irresponsible. I am so upset and mad after hearing this story.

flushed baby5

I’m especially sensitive to this news having suffered an ectopic pregnancy earlier this year. If there was anything I could’ve done to save my child, I would’ve. I really just can’t relate to this woman at all. No matter what reasons you have for not wanting this child, you could have had a million better options than this one. There are many people out there who would do anything to have a baby and even more people who have a baby and would do anything for them. There is a special spot in hell reserved for people like her. This woman disgusts me.

I’m at least glad that baby 59 (named after his incubator) is fine now and taken care of by the hospital until they know who will later care for the baby once he’s well enough to leave. This miracle baby deserves better. I have my fingers crossed and hope that he will be looked after by his heartless mother. I’m not religious, but I pray hard that this adorable child will find happiness! Welcome to the world! It’s not as harsh at it seems : )

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