Subway Etiquette

I travel to and from work everyday via the subway system. The subway system in Hong Kong (MTR) is a great means of transport for this little yet busy city – it’s fast and trains come frequently, it brings you to almost anywhere and even crosses water, it is very affordable. The only thing about the system that I have to complain about is the passengers!

1. The sign reads, do not eat and drink on the train. I think that’s pretty straightforward. No one wants to smell the lamb curry you have in your takeout box, nor do they want to hear you munch on a soggy sandwich. Don’t eat and drink, it’s as simple as that.


2. Sometimes the train stops or starts suddenly and it’s smart to hold onto something if you don’t have a seat. Maybe you’re an only child and you don’t know how to share, but be at least a tiny bit considerate and don’t lean on the pole. You’re not going to like it when someone squeezes between your back and the pole to hold on. Save everyone the hassle and don’t be a lazy fuck.


3. Move into the train once you get on. If you stand at the door no one can get past you or the other inconsiderate assholes that are doing the same. There’s nothing wrong with the inside. Yes, you may want to lean on the door or be the first one out. It’s not going to happen at rush hour honey. Everyone who was waiting patiently for the train now have to wait impatiently for the next train because apparently this one is “full”. Don’t lie bitches. I can literally see space for like 10 people just 3 feet away from you.

look at all that space on the left!

look at all that space on the left!

4. Please use deodorant. This seems slightly unrelated, but it isn’t. When it’s 6 and it starts getting busy, everyone is squished together. You have to get used to people coming into your personal space. You don’t have to get used to an ugly man with his arm up holding onto the handles with his armpit full of hair and toxic odor in your face though. Personal hygiene is a for the benefit of your own health and others around you.


5. Give up your seat for those who are in need. Don’t hide behind your newspaper and pretend you don’t see that very pregnant woman who is due any day now or that old granny who has legs as strong as tofu. Your mother taught you better than that.


6. If we wanted soft core porn, we’d download it. This is repulsive and makes people very uncomfortable. Celebrate your love elsewhere, please!


7. Use your headphones! I can’t be more annoyed at this. I couldn’t care less about how obsessed you are about your RPG, Fifa, or Candy Crush game. I don’t want to hear your shit. It’s incredibly annoying to listen to gun shots, gems twinkling, or a teenage girl from your Korean drama crying hysterically. Mute that shit or use headphones. Just because you want to hear it doesn’t mean all others do too.


I’m normally in a good mood on Fridays. I’ll make an exception today thanks to all those fucking inconsiderate assholes out there who also take the MTR. If decent subway etiquette is too much to ask for, then for the love of god, at least some common courtesy and basic manners.

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3 thoughts on “Subway Etiquette

  1. These are so simple and common sense things but it is crazy how most people don’t get them….

  2. longyee99 says:

    It has been much worse now with so many rude and unconsiderate mainland Chinese people coming to HK riding the MTR. You guys have done enough in bringing us high rent, high property price, inflation, close down of small business in TST and Causewaybay, shortage of milk powder for babies, shortage of hospital beds for local pregnant women…….. Please please leave me alone in the subway. I just want a pleasant ride on MTR.

  3. Oh, I only just saw this post ! So nice to know that I’m not the only one !
    In Paris they don’t even clean the trains, so I actually have to cover my face half the time… Not a big deal in winter, but suffocating in July !

    Another related rant of mine – it often happends in the transfers between lines – people who stop at the end of an escalator. Fine, if they don’t want to walk on the thing. But the end is where you need to *start* walking

    Grrrr !

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