Drunk Bears

Sending my boy to a party means homemade alcoholic treats!
My first batch of vodka gummies.

A failure. How careless of me to forget to put them in the fridge! But I eventually did and the bears merged into one huge piece of jello candy!



My second and third batch that turned out beautifully! These bears got hella drunk!







Pretty ok job for my first try on this perfect boat trip treat. Will definitely make this easy party snack all summer!


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5 thoughts on “Drunk Bears

  1. Etoys2013 says:

    Reblogged this on Fathers Day 2013 and commented:
    The party didn’t start till I walked in an now that Divad Tibradnorb is in the house let the fun begin!!!

  2. sexinthecincy says:

    Do you have instructions on how to make these?

  3. Amy @ Healthy and Fit for Real says:

    I really want to try this. I’ve seen in on Pinterest and it looks super easy!

  4. it’s really easy to make!
    put bears in a container (i realized that it’s easier to use a big flat tray rather than a bowl), and then fill it up with vodka. pour enough vodka to completely submerge the gummies. really important to put it in the fridge (the step that i forgot when making the first batch) and let it sit for about a day or so. drain all the vodka and you’ll be left with strong vodka gummy bears that all your guests will love!

  5. […] to make Mondays more interesting? Spike a watermelon! Making drunk bears last week was too fun! This week I’m feeding my watermelons with vodka. How unreasonable to […]

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