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Drunk Bears

Sending my boy to a party means homemade alcoholic treats!
My first batch of vodka gummies.

A failure. How careless of me to forget to put them in the fridge! But I eventually did and the bears merged into one huge piece of jello candy!



My second and third batch that turned out beautifully! These bears got hella drunk!







Pretty ok job for my first try on this perfect boat trip treat. Will definitely make this easy party snack all summer!


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Steak Stir-Fry

LN’s steak stir-fry. Sirloin, eggplant, bell pepper, mushrooms – absolute deliciousness!


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Topshop Manic

Hong Kongers go crazy about anything and everything. The big inflatable duck is just the example. The next new thing is here and the girls have gone insane. Yes, the grand opening of Topshop in Hong Kong. A queue since 9am to the start of a party in the evening. Oh, did I also mention, in the rain? HK girls have too much time.


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As Sick As A Dog

God hates me. I’m only ever sick on weekends. When I’m sick I’m really sick. Feeling so unwell I long for the sweet release of death. Ok, maybe not that extreme. What makes me feel better? A good read and naps! My current read is Eating Smoke by Chris Thrall. That’s my plans for this weekend. Jealous of all who are doing something fun. Happy weekend nonetheless!


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Unwanted Racism

What day and age is it? It’s 2013. We’ve come a long way. How is it possible that racism is still being fought by minorities in first world countries?

This cute advertisement from cheerios is apparently “offensive” to some viewers. The youtube video received many racial comments resulting in youtube having to shut down the comments section. What the fuck is wrong with the world?

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Summer Wreath/Flower Crown

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. Dive head first right into summer! A little home decor can make a really big change. Liven up your house with a super simple, cheap and beautiful wreath! Hang it on your door and welcome yourself home! Adoorable! (Sorry, but yes, I am that lame :P)












Excuse my beyond chipped nails. I’m hoping my favourite nail blogger Brigit will cringe at the sight of these desperate nails! Lol! 

Go to the dollar store and pick up some cheap craft essentials and start a DIY project too! Embrace summer! : )

Update: Ooooh! My fashionable little sister just suggested to make it smaller and it could be a floral crown! What a great idea! It looks so pretty that I think it may even be better as a headwear than a home decoration! 😀

DSC03349Dress by Brandy Melville
Shoes by Steve Madden Luxe

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Smaller 3

Catching up with my two best friends! The trio reunited at last! A lot of weight lost in our group! Cheers to being healthy! A romantic threesome dinner at Koh Thai. Chilled wine, (relatively) healthy food, and nonstop conversation about makeup, skincare, fashion, and last but not least, BOYS!




All important that needs to be said is now said. Fuck food coma, bring on the booze!

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Snack Time

I felt like seafood, so I made myself about 15 crayfishes. Yes. What I like, I like a lot of! It’s kind of like a snack at recess… Except bigger! And of course, no one scolds me for ruining my appetite for dinner! : )


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Lonely Gym

An empty gym almost all to myself! Exercise and time alone with my thoughts makes me feel motivated! A good sweat to a good mood. Though my legs feel like pudding, my mind is clear and focused!

Is your body beach ready?



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June 4, 24 Years Later

24 years ago today was the day of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Hong Kongers gathered together in Victoria Park tonight to fight for rights and democracy and to remember all those courageous students China lost.


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