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Topshop Manic

Hong Kongers go crazy about anything and everything. The big inflatable duck is just the example. The next new thing is here and the girls have gone insane. Yes, the grand opening of Topshop in Hong Kong. A queue since 9am to the start of a party in the evening. Oh, did I also mention, in the rain? HK girls have too much time.


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Summer Wreath/Flower Crown

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. Dive head first right into summer! A little home decor can make a really big change. Liven up your house with a super simple, cheap and beautiful wreath! Hang it on your door and welcome yourself home! Adoorable! (Sorry, but yes, I am that lame :P)












Excuse my beyond chipped nails. I’m hoping my favourite nail blogger Brigit will cringe at the sight of these desperate nails! Lol! 

Go to the dollar store and pick up some cheap craft essentials and start a DIY project too! Embrace summer! : )

Update: Ooooh! My fashionable little sister just suggested to make it smaller and it could be a floral crown! What a great idea! It looks so pretty that I think it may even be better as a headwear than a home decoration! 😀

DSC03349Dress by Brandy Melville
Shoes by Steve Madden Luxe

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Three things I never seem to have enough of: lipstick shades, patience and shoes! You don’t realize your shoe collection grow until you have to clean out the closet!


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DIY Headband

What to do with an out of style belt? Take it apart and make something new! Here I made a headband from an elastic pearl high waisted belt.







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Wrist Jewelry

What’s (still) chic and stylish in the accessory world at the moment are layers of bracelets. I have been collecting pieces here and there and love spicing up my outfit with colorful wrist jewelry! A whole lot of mixing and matching!

What’s really trending at the moment are neon bracelets and I’ve picked up a few (too many) at the wholesale mall. I like that they are thin and you can wear just one, a few or a whole arm of these! A great look for summer! Not only do I like neon jewelry, I have also been into clothing as well. Neon is vibrant and fun and great to make a statement.

by ettika

by ettika

by ettika

by ettika

Chunky bracelets are a nice way to bring an otherwise boring outfit to life. I sometimes like to use smaller bangles for when I have a top or dress that should be the outfit focus. It’s can be annoying to type at times though as the clanging just doesn’t stop! It’s like clicking a pen – it’s only annoying when someone else is doing it! Lol.

by diva

by diva

by bees

by bees

by diva

by diva

I used to only wear my Rolex as I find it is versatile to match with anything. But in the past few months, I’ve been wearing less boring and more fashionable timepieces. I still love my default go to watch, but it’s just not trendy enough!





folli follie

folli follie

kate spade

kate spade

I have also noticed a lot of really simple to make DIY bracelet tutorials out there. I will definitely give a few of them a go. I like little projects like this and they are always one of a kind! Will post pictures of my home creations once I come around to making them!

See ya!

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It’s never too late to learn! Eva Longoria, at 37,  has just received her master’s degree in Chicano and Chicana studies from California State University Northridge. There isn’t an age limit to learning and to bettering yourself! So it’s true you can have looks, brains and a pair of Casadei pumps.

Eva Longoria is a Happy Graduate! eva2

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Fat Feet

I love Kim Kardashian and I’m not ashamed to say so. That is until now. She had already shocked me and lost a little bit of my respect when displaying her very pregnant body in a skin tight sofa throw at the Met Gala. She’s upped a level and I’m slightly embarrassed to admit to being a fan. A pregnant woman’s body is beautiful and miraculous. There’s no fault in showing off a big round belly, but it’s a crime to wear something unflattering, uncomfortable, and unsafe for your baby.

Don’t get me wrong, shoes are my religion. I would sacrifice money, comfort and balance to fit in a pair of to-die-for heels. Yes, I can be shallow at times. But for someone (who is already clumsy) to carry around a baby who’s about to pop and wear sky high heels is just ridiculous. It’s one thing if you’re risking falling over and hurting your hcild if you look good (even though that’s still wrong), but to squeeze those fat feet in tiny shoes that have them overflow out of the ugly plastic strap? Have some sense! You will be forgiven to be seen in sweats and flip flops when you’re this pregnant, Kim!

Treat yourself well and embrace the beauty of your body! You will never again be this close to your little one as soon as they see the world.

kimkkim feet

fatfeetKim Kardashian seen shopping with her mother

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Wedge Sneakers

I’ve noticed a lot of high heeled sneakers online and in stores. This new trend of the feminine high heel and casual sneaker hybrid is growing on me. I’ve seen some people wear them and rocked them, and seen more people who just look ridiculous. I couldn’t decide if I like it or not until I bought myself a pair. They are just as comfy as they look. Any girl knows that no matter how comfortable a pair of shoes look, or even feel when you try them on, it’s more often than not, a lie. It’s not until you walk them out your door for the very first time, do you realize that you’ve got another beautiful pair of shoes that will give you more blisters than compliments. Thankfully, my pair from Mizzue are awesome! Easy to match outfits with and I can walk in them forever.

Red High Top Wedge Sneakers from Mizzue

Red High Top Wedge Sneakers from Mizzue

Some other really cool wedge sneakers that I love : )

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Cheap Finds

There’s a not so hidden wholesale mall in Lai Chi Kok that can be easily overlooked. In the midst of industrial and commercial buildings, you will find an old crumbly building that looks no different than the rest in the neighbourhood. But inside, you will find a shopping wonderland. It has clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and everything else a girl likes. You will find the latest trends attached to a price tag that will make you smile. Obviously, you get what you pay for. It’s not exactly top notch quality, but neither are the other things you find at the mall.

I found this neon gold bracelet for $68 in Lai Chi Kok, and saw the same in Causeway Bay for $198. What a steal! |
neon bracelet

My favourite things to shop for are accessories. The stores are filled with lots of cute little things that cost a fraction of what they would elsewhere. It’s also a great place to get inspired for your own DIY projects!


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Jennie Runk: The Healthy Model

A&F CEO, Mike Jeffries “doesn’t want larger people shopping in his store, he wants thin and beautiful people, and he doesn’t want his core customers to see people who aren’t as hot as them wearing his clothing. People who wear his clothing should feel like they’re one of the ‘cool kids’”. A&F is “sticking to it’s guns of conventional beauty, even as the standard becomes outdated”. A&F does not carry size XL.

I fit in A&F clothes, but I will not shop there and promote this bullshit. I have never shopped at a store before and thought to myself that that woman over there who is bigger than me shouldn’t be wearing the same clothes as me. If all retailers adopted A&F’s belief,  does that mean anyone larger than a size 6 either needs to make their own clothes or starve in order to fit into something? A&F is exactly why women all over the world stress about their body size. Fuck you Mike Jeffries. Shame on you.

Competitors like H&M are embracing women of all sizes. They have hired plus size model Jennie Runk to model their latest beachwear collection. The size 12 beauty’s overnight gain of publicity gave her the opportunity to promote women’s view on a realistic and healthy body. “Its ok to be confident even if you’re not the popular notion of “perfect””.

Jennie Runk is so beautiful! It’s so positive when someone like her comes out and supports all the girls (and boys) that are struggling with weight issues. The normal woman isn’t stick thin with large breasts and flawless skin. I hope people also know that you don’t have to break the bank to look fashionable. H&M is trendy and affordable.

But at the end of the day, ask anyone and they would agree that confidence and a smile is the best thing to wear. : )

H&M plus-size beachwear 7 jennie-runk-bikini-photo


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