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Unwanted Racism

What day and age is it? It’s 2013. We’ve come a long way. How is it possible that racism is still being fought by minorities in first world countries?

This cute advertisement from cheerios is apparently “offensive” to some viewers. The youtube video received many racial comments resulting in youtube having to shut down the comments section.¬†What the fuck is wrong with the world?

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Rainbow After the Rain

It was bright and sunny this morning so I took my laptop to a coffee shop and got comfortable in a couch. Sunshine coming in through the windows and blasting air-conditioning! Loving it! In just 15 minutes, the skies opened up and rain fell through. A heavy shower that was very unexpected. I sat watching the passersby scurry quickly through the streets. Before you know it, the skies are clear again, the sun is back bringing along a beautiful rainbow.

Life is just like this episode of rain. Everything is fine and all of a sudden things get shit. Stick it through for a little while and then you realize that all is well again and maybe sometimes even better! I’m going through a slight rough patch with my boyfriend now. Every relationship has it’s problems and sometimes you get lazy and forget that your partner isn’t to be taken for granted. I complain about the little things that I dislike about him. How foolish of me! There are countless wonderful things about him that I expect and treat as a given. I need to learn how to love his flaws and if I change my perspective, maybe it isn’t even a flaw.

Figuratively speaking, we are going through the rain. I pray that it will be over soon and the skies are bright again. We could use a little sunshine : )

by bluebalu

by bluebalu

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