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Rive, Hamburg

Seems as though all I’ve been doing is eating and drinking on my holiday. The grey skies cleared and the sun was shining. No better place for a late lunch than at Rive, the oyster restaurant by the river.

Sylter Oysters

Caprese Salad in Pesto Dressing

Asparagus Risotto with Prawns and Saffron Foam

Vanilla Ice Cream with Strawberries and Rhubarb

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Hello Tzatziki

Eating in Germany requires as much effort as working out. I had a great evening of delicious Greek food that unfortunately I could not completely conquer. However, I did find a new love, tzatziki! Rich yet light, creamy yoghurty mixture with crunchy fresh cucumber! Absolutely phenomenal!



Greek meal 1: Susan 0. Entirely destroyed after eating what would be enough for a small family. Will think about how to work off all the weight I have gained on my short trip here to Bremen on the plane back to Hong Kong. Time for a nice long sleep now. Good night!

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20 Up

First night in Germany spent at the 20 Up bar in Hamburg. Everyone is so tall here I feel like a midget!



I love how bright it is here at 10pm! I can definitely get used to this! 🙂

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Rainy Day Rant

It’s a bit bittersweet coming home from a lovely holiday. Sad to leave the beach, also looking forward to getting back to a normal lifestyle routine. From the blazing hot sun in Boracay to the wet and humid of Hong Kong in a matter of just hours. Usually, being away distresses me a little as I have a bit of a fear of missing out syndrome. But not this time. It’s only been heavy rain and grossness here in Hong Kong.

Proof that a God exists: With the black rainstorm warning in effect this morning means a little more time to sleep in. Nice to have a half day off after a holiday!

Proof that God doesn’t like you: No one wants to be out when it’s wet, humid, and hot… well, except for those damn mosquitos. It’s like a haven for them to feast on chubby cheeked children and bare legs. A collection of 47 bites can be found on just my legs. These little fuckers can do so much damage! It’s not a regular bite. These pests are mutants! I’ve now painful and swollen lumps over my legs that probably won’t go down for 2 days. Delightful! …EXCEPT NOT!

There’s a spot in hell reserved for people who don’t know umbrella etiquette. Avoiding puddles, buses, cars, and the stampede of people hustling to get to their offices is not fun. I’m 5’6. I’m not tall, but somehow taller than most people here in this overcrowded city. With people coming at you in every which way holding their umbrellas with spokes right at your eye level is the most frustrating thing in the world. Carrying an umbrella should be like driving a car, you should have a license for it. Why is it so fucking hard for people to be responsible enough to hold umbrellas and NOT take out someone’s eye? If an umbrella is too much responsibility, wear a raincoat please.

Such a huge contrast between just yesterday, sitting in a lounge chair with my current read (Eating Smoke by Chris Thrall – amazing book btw) to today of what seems like hell just commuting to the office!

I’m not an angry person. I just hate everything!

rl umbrella

ralph lauren umbrella

At least I got to take out my favourite umbrella! But that’s ALL I can be happy about right now. Maybe I’ll buy myself a pair of high wellingtons so I can kick up dirty rain water at everyone who attacks me with their umbrella, that should brighten up my day and teach them a lesson.

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Put Out the Heat

Aloe Rescue

Time flies when you’re having fun. You have no idea that you’ve been directly under the sun for hours when you’re in cool, clear waters.

I look like a lobster. How attractive. Thanks to my bestie CS, for getting me the best after sun care. Nature Republic’s 92% Aloe is so soothing. Straight out of the fridge, this cooling gel moisturizes and calms the burn. It’s light and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy film. You still get a bit itchy from the irritated skin, but you can’t complain too much. After all, your own damn fault to begin with!

Hope this helps and the peeling and itchiness won’t be too bad.

I highly recommend this product for anyone who’s been in the sun for some (long lengths) of time. It’s also a good natural moisturizer for day use normally. Refresh, soothe and quench your skin’s thirst!


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I’ve been stuck for the past few days in a chicken wing phase. I’ve devoured wing after wing at every meal except breakfast yesterday. Three days and counting!

Saw an advertisement on tv for Maya, a Filipino/Mexican restaurant. With endless eateries and bars on the strip by the beach, I thought I’d give it a try.

Started with baked oysters. 250 pesos ($50 hkd) for a dozen baked oysters! They were ok. Lacks seasoning and not as fresh as I thought.


Also ordered amazingly delicious nachos! A good portion too! Not a huge pile of chips that you can’t finish.


As advertised, their signature salads! We ordered the seared tuna salad. Seared to perfection with a lot of balsamic dressing and a few (sunflower?) seeds. My favourite dish at Maya! Nom nom nom!!!


And last but not least, the chicken wings! Crisp wings drenched in a tangy sauce. Super tasty and of course super messy! Just the way wings are supposed to be.


Getting hungry just thinking about all the food again! Delish!

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Sun Kissed Too Hard

I have a love for tanning. It feels great when the heat hits you and beads of sweat drip off your sun kissed skin. The only problem is, though it feels great, it is dangerous and causes premature aging. Yikes!

I rub on a mixture of tanning oils and tanning lotion on my body which has worked out fine all these years. As for my face, I need something stronger with a higher SPF. I’ve tried way too many products throughout my tanning career and have not yet found the perfect solution. I need a non-greasy formula that can last. How hard can that be? I find that a lot of things I’ve tried in the past is so oily, I end up breaking out the next day. Ugly, uncomfortable, and combined with a slight burn results in agonizing pain.

I am in search for a BB cream that is light yet provides enough protection and if God is willing, some kind of coverage to even out my skin tone. I now use the Bobbi Brown BB Cream with SPF 35. It’s the best thing I have used so far, but it still is a little heavier than I’d like. I still get a bit burnt if I stay under the sun all afternoon. I guess the best thing to do is keep reapplying! Annoying, but what’s a girl to do with no better option?! Suggestions anyone? Please?


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Hi Boracay

Arrived in paradise! Loving the beauty!


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Paradise Ready

Hong Kong is generous with their public holidays. Chinese customs plus British influence gives us a total of 17 red days in the calendar excluding Sunday. Taking the opportunity of time off and convenient location to travel to nearby destinations for a well deserved holiday. This friday is Buddha’s birthday and so off I go to the beautiful island of Boracay.

I’ve been there once and fell in love instantly. With great hospitality, clean beaches, and delicious eats; Boracay is a fantasy holiday.

I can’t wait to feel soft sand between my toes, cool off from the heat in the sea, and feast like a king!

What’s everyone doing this long weekend?




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Excess Baggage

No matter for business or for pleasure, traveling is part of the Hong Kong lifestyle. The biggest issue that most travelers (especially the girls) struggle with is weight limitations and security restrictions. You can’t pack for a few days in a flight case and expect to hand carry it and shove it in the overhead compartment. Nope. Not with lotion, makeup remover, makeup, toner, etc. etc. Pack 3 biniki sets and a pair of flip flops and you’re practically at the luggage limit!

I thought I’d get a new aluminium suitcase that I see people at the airport with. They’re so sleek and stylish, and super duper light! I got mine from Rimowa in matte black which will match perfectly with my default airplane getup.


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