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Follower Appreciation

I have finally acquired over 100 followers!! Thank you all for reading my blog, liking my posts, commenting on discussions and so on! I have decided to do a giveaway as an appreciation for all the support! I know normally people write genre specific blogs, and mine is a bit all over the place with a few things about fashion, food, beauty, life and whatever else random. I will be doing a giveaway every 2 weeks for 2 months sending out different things, be it beauty products, fashion accessories, or food related items! 

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Closing date for the giveaway is this Friday, June 14. Winner will be notified and announced before the following Monday. Good luck!! 

Giveaway this week! 
NARS Blush Duo in Hungry Heart/Desire 
Joseristine Collagen Hydration Facial Mask 
joseristine mask
Ciate Nail Polish in Cabaret 

Once again, a huge THANK YOU for all the support! 

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NARS Makeup Haul

Japanese department store, Sogo is celebrating their 28th birthday by having a Thankful Week to offer all their customers a mega sale! Stopped by last night with boyfriend LN to check out the swag.

I could’ve spent an entire day just shopping on the first and second floor. The cosmetics and skincare holy land. You can find international brands such as Estee Lauder, M.A.C, Benefit, YSL, Dior, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, NARS, and Japanese ones like Shisheido, Haba, Ipsa, Kanebo, and others.

Upon arrival, I dashed to my favourite counter, NARS! I love their products as it meets my two main criteria for makeup:  easy to apply and lasting! So, for the Thankful Week sale, NARS offers package deals for a very reasonable price. I got a few (too many) new things. The packages are great because you get to choose the shades you want, unlike the normal sale sets you get where they’re fixed products in specific tones.

Duo Eyeshadow in Cordura


For my usual everyday look, I use the NARS eyeshadow duo in Silk Road. Cordura is slightly darker, and will be great for a brown smokey eye with a hint of shimmer!

Eyeliner Stylos in Koala 
They ran out of the pencil eyeliner that usually comes with the package so I got a liquid eyeliner instead! Even better for me! I get built up oil over my eyelids when I’m out all day, so pencil eyeliners normally smudge and I can a raccoon eyes despite using eye primer. I only use pencil liners to blend with my shadow and never use it just to line my eyes. Liquid glides on so much better and makes it to the end of the day. Since I’m a firm believer of the liquid eyeliner by Dolly Wink in Deep Black, I chose an asphalt grey. Again, I really like the colour! My only fear is the felt tip that looks a bit hard. I tend to prefer bristle brushes when it comes to products like this.


Blush in Taos 


The product itself looks a bit dark, but it blends well and is a bit more dramatic than their best seller Orgasm. I absolutely love this colour! Matches well with my new tanned complexion!

Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover 
Reminds me of the Bi-Facil by Lancome. I did not like that. Not too thrilled about this, but nonetheless, of course I will try it out!


Makeup Removing Water 
Super duper excited about this! Since I got eyelash extensions I’ve been looking for something that cleans makeup off without rubbing my eyes sore. I use the Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Beauty Oil. It’s amazing! Takes off makeup instantly! The only downside is that it always tarnishes my lashes and they aren’t able to last as long as I’d like. I really hope NARS’ Makeup Removing Water is as miraculous as it says it is!

removing water

So after all this, it rang up to be around $900 something. Only $100 short from the free Sun Kissed Gift Set! The decision to makeup the difference was an absolute no brainer!

Sheer Lipstick in Dolce Vita


I have full lips and I don’t like to draw too much attention to them so I stay with relatively neutral and safer shades. Sheer lipstick gives just a trace of colour without completely staining them. I already tried this out and it’s ultra smooth! Slightly translucent with a little shine for that natural, kissable feel.

Meeting the purchase of $1000 criteria I got the Sun Kissed Gift Set free! Yay! The set includes the Pro Prime Pore Refining Primer, the Body Illuminator in Laguna and the Blush Duo in Hungry Heat and Desire! I’ve used the Blush in Desire before, and found that though it looks bright pink, it blends well onto the skin for a summer look. Everything else, I’m looking forward to trying out! Best thing is, it’s not those shitty little free sample stuff, they’re proper size!

Sun Kissed Gift Set 
sun kissed

Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for all my new stuff! Product reviews will ensue!

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