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Hello Tzatziki

Eating in Germany requires as much effort as working out. I had a great evening of delicious Greek food that unfortunately I could not completely conquer. However, I did find a new love, tzatziki! Rich yet light, creamy yoghurty mixture with crunchy fresh cucumber! Absolutely phenomenal!



Greek meal 1: Susan 0. Entirely destroyed after eating what would be enough for a small family. Will think about how to work off all the weight I have gained on my short trip here to Bremen on the plane back to Hong Kong. Time for a nice long sleep now. Good night!

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Steak Stir-Fry

LN’s steak stir-fry. Sirloin, eggplant, bell pepper, mushrooms – absolute deliciousness!


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Smaller 3

Catching up with my two best friends! The trio reunited at last! A lot of weight lost in our group! Cheers to being healthy! A romantic threesome dinner at Koh Thai. Chilled wine, (relatively) healthy food, and nonstop conversation about makeup, skincare, fashion, and last but not least, BOYS!




All important that needs to be said is now said. Fuck food coma, bring on the booze!

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Lee Fa Yuen

Met my friend RM’s mom tonight! A lovely lady. A pretty female version of RM himself! A very fun evening for everyone especially boyfriend, LN and myself. Moms always embarrass their children a bit whether intended or not. Was nice to hear some childhood stories of RM and of course have a full on Korean BBQ dinner! We are a frequent customer of our neighbourhood Korean restaurant, Lee Fa Yuen. Offers great set meals that are flexible if you would like to substitute a particular dish. Good start to the week!




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Marketplace Groceries

Took a walk after a light yet fulfilling lunch to pick up some produce for tonight. My local fresh fruits and vegetables market in Central has everything I need. Mixed greens, sweet peppers, cucumbers, button mushrooms and some arugula. Some to throw in a salad and some for my mid day snack with some sesame sauce. You’ll find everything (and more) you would at a supermarket for a fraction of the price! Well at least in terms of produce.




You can also find meat here, but I’ve never been brave enough to get something at the local butcher. It just looks so scary!


Of course I get LN his favourite feta cheese on my way home at a small grocers that sells international food products. The owner was nice and let me take a few pics of his store. I go to this place often as it’s not super overpriced and they offer free delivery for purchases over $500. Really nice when you don’t want to carry bottles of wine, frozen foods and canned foods in the blistering heat of (almost) summer!




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Swiss Chalet

Last night, boyfriend LN and his work buddy American funny man RM lured me into dining with them at the Swiss Chalet. They had a craving for raclette, and I happily tagged along. The good thing about homey warm restaurants like these that aren’t pretentious, is that you pay for the food and not the environment. We’ve been there many times before, and every one of those¬†occasions except one were great.

The last time L and I were there was with my parents and brother. They did not like the strong smell of cheese. When you walk in, you are slightly overwhelmed by the smell, but you soon get used to it. The food was very average and a few things we wanted to order were unavailable. The dishes were pricey for what you got. The staff spoke minimal English and kept getting the orders wrong. That was in November.

After 6 months, LN had almost forgotten about that less than average meal and let his cravings for cheese and RN’s convincing take over his rationality. The meal started off with a good choice of bread paired with unspreadable unsalted butter.

photo (3)

We then shared a carnivore’s salad, Wurst/Kaese Salat. Potatoes, sausage, cheese and cream dressing. Good, but not spectacular. It was exactly as I’ve described it. Boring.

photo (5)

Then came the White Asparagus in Hollandaise Sauce. Wow was this dull. There wasn’t enough sauce for the 4 stalks and the sauce was more like paste. It tasted ok, looked ugly, and cost $138. I cook 3 times a year and I could’ve made better for less than $13.8.

The main that RN and I both ordered was the Zuericher Geschnetzeltes. I love the creaminess of the sauce! The mushrooms were flavourful and the pork was tender and juicy! Loved this! I just wish there had been more sauce to coat the crisp roschti!


LN had one of his all time favourite dishes, Wienerschnitzel. Compared to what I had, this looked bland. The meat was slightly on the dry side, but was covered in golden, crunchy crumbs. Overall, mehhhh..

photo (4)

RN picked up some raclette cheese on his way out and that took 15 minutes for them to cut a chunk off the wheel, weigh it, and pack it. The guy was slow, and didn’t understand English which didn’t help speed things up.

So, the place isn’t decorated spectacularly, the food was bland and average, they got our orders wrong a few times, and though it wasn’t exactly “expensive”, it was DEFINITELY not worth the money. Will I come back? Oh hell no.

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