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Rive, Hamburg

Seems as though all I’ve been doing is eating and drinking on my holiday. The grey skies cleared and the sun was shining. No better place for a late lunch than at Rive, the oyster restaurant by the river.

Sylter Oysters

Caprese Salad in Pesto Dressing

Asparagus Risotto with Prawns and Saffron Foam

Vanilla Ice Cream with Strawberries and Rhubarb

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Shanghai Food (Again)

The first time you have something you love again in a long time, you suddenly remember how good it is and wonder to yourself why you managed to live without for so long! I’m currently obsessed with xiao long bao dumplings! My third time devouring these balls of deliciousness! Went out of my way to the closest Shanghainese restaurant to my office with some colleagues of mine. Starting to worry about my weight again… but totally worth it!






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Healthy Choice

Making some smarter and healthier decisions. One of them is to quit smoking. Doing well so far, but for such a strong addiction, only time will tell either my success or failure.

My healthy eating has also taken a back seat whilst I was on holiday. Now it’s back to fresh vegetables and protein. It is challenging to find restaurants that serve dishes without carbs, and more difficult to find a place that doesn’t tempt me into indulging in something I shouldn’t. I would say my biggest struggle is cutting out the habit of having sweetened drinks! Goodbye gingerale, lemon ice tea, yakult and all things I love… I was told that alcohol contains a lot or calories too, but let’s not set unrealistic goals!

My lunch today with my buddy CS. Garden Salad, Zucchini Soup, Braised Beef in Kimchi and Baked Ling Fillet. A tasty and healthy meal!





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Trattoria Doppio Zero

Lunch in the Sheung Wan neighbourhood. A quiet Italian offering set lunches even on weekends. Mix and match and pair your choice of appetizer and sandwich or pasta. Depending on how hungry you are, get a full or half portion. I like the flexibility!

Warm mozzarella over a bed of salad.


Bruschetta with parma ham and cooked melon and whipped ricotta.


Spaghetti Bolognese in a “traditional Bolognese” sauce. Looked bleh but tasted wow!


Linguini Vongole with clams from Manila.


An eatery that I’m growing more fond of. It’s nearby, it’s good, it’s flexible and it’s reasonably priced!

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I’ve been stuck for the past few days in a chicken wing phase. I’ve devoured wing after wing at every meal except breakfast yesterday. Three days and counting!

Saw an advertisement on tv for Maya, a Filipino/Mexican restaurant. With endless eateries and bars on the strip by the beach, I thought I’d give it a try.

Started with baked oysters. 250 pesos ($50 hkd) for a dozen baked oysters! They were ok. Lacks seasoning and not as fresh as I thought.


Also ordered amazingly delicious nachos! A good portion too! Not a huge pile of chips that you can’t finish.


As advertised, their signature salads! We ordered the seared tuna salad. Seared to perfection with a lot of balsamic dressing and a few (sunflower?) seeds. My favourite dish at Maya! Nom nom nom!!!


And last but not least, the chicken wings! Crisp wings drenched in a tangy sauce. Super tasty and of course super messy! Just the way wings are supposed to be.


Getting hungry just thinking about all the food again! Delish!

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Hangover Food

It’s only until the next day you realize how much you actually drunk. It was definitely not worth it this time. Feeling too sick for just an ok night.

It’s nice to have a cheat meal and not feel too guilty. Had a nice at home lunch with salami, bread (yikes), baked camembert, scrambled eggs and fruit juice.





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O Porto Interior Restaurante

Continuing my gastronomical adventures in Macau…

We were sick of staying in the Taipa area and wanted to go to our usual favourite, Fernando’s. It was a bit late and from past experience, we knew it would be too crowded to go. So, we just jumped into a cab and just asked the driver  to bring us to a good restaurant in the city. It’s a bit scary as you have no idea where he’s taking you, and if he really is recommending a decent restaurant or trying to just take you on a sight seeing tour and make a few extra bucks. Thankfully, our driver was great and brought us to an out of place restaurant in the midst of industrial buildings near the pier. O Porto Interior Restaurante.

It was really very quiet, with only 3 other tables occupied. We started off with some bread rolls and they were soo good! You can tell if bread is good or not by the sound of it, and boy, it had a crisp crunchy exterior and a warm fuzzy interior! Best bread ever! It was really hard to stop eating it, and I was worried I already had too much and wouldn’t finish the other dishes we ordered.

weird looking but most delicious bread

weird looking but most delicious bread

Clams in White Wine Sauce. The broth was delicious! It was a bit on the strong side though. You could taste the flavours of the wine, parsley, garlic, olives and fresh seafood in each shell. Will definitely order this again!

clams in white wine sauce

clams in white wine sauce

Spicy Pork Chop. Wasn’t my favourite… was good but nothing special. I think places like Tung Po in Hong Kong make it much better.

spicy pork chop

spicy pork chop

Grilled Half Chicken. Nice spiced fries, but the chicken was lacking in flavour and juice. It was decent, but Fernando’s grilled chicken is way better.

grilled chicken with fries

grilled chicken with fries

Baked Chicken and Mushroom Rice. This was soo good! And so big! It was definitely made for more than one person. Hot steaming rice with chives under a heavy layer of tender chicken pieces and portobello mushrooms and thick cream and baked cheese crust. LN particularly liked it as it reminded him of his mom’s Huehnerfrikassee. I didn’t know his German mother made Macanese dishes! Anyway, highly recommended!

baked rice with chicken and mushrooms

baked rice with chicken and mushrooms

Any restaurant recommendations for my next Macau visit?

baked rice with chicken and mushrooms
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Lunch at Bene

The weather here in Hong Kong is still horrid! I even caught a bit of a cold. But that didn’t stop me from taking a short weekend trip to good old Macau.

One of my favourite things to do in Macau is to dine! There are so many good restaurants in and outside of the popular tourist area and hotels. One of my favourites is Bene. Not only is it convenient when I stay at the Sands, the decor is beautiful and food is good. A value-for-money eatery that isn’t pretentious and very Italian.

quiet saturday late lunch

quiet saturday late lunch

bread basket with delicious condiments

bread basket with delicious condiments

spaghetti carbonara in a cheese wheel

spaghetti carbonara in a cheese wheel

photo (5)

photo (4)

hot chocolate pie with vanilla ice cream and fruits

hot chocolate pie with vanilla ice cream and fruits

Don’t you just hate when you get so hungry after uploading food photos? LOL!

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