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My more than desperate fingers and toes have finally received the pampering they deserve. To the point of almost ridicule by all my girlfriends, I organized an afternoon of manicures, pedicures and gossip.




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Nail Redemption

There are many essentials I can’t live without. There are more hideous thing I can’t live with! One of these are my crap nails that I’ve been complaining about. I contemplated for a while as to whether or not it was worth the trip, time and trouble to get them redone. But, why not? They DO have a seven day policy where you can fix what you don’t like about them. It just happens that I didn’t like any off my 10 nails.

I went back, and felt a bit awkward and bad about the manicurist who did a god awful job. She must have felt embarrassed and sorry. It just wasn’t fair for me to have paid for something that was so below par. She knew so too.

I got a new set of nails of blue on blue french with a black glitter band. They even gave me a discount as an apology on a pedicure, so I took it. Got some really cool foil toe nails that glisten under the sun! I just love them!

blue french

excuse not only a bad photo, but my sausage toes

excuse not only a bad photo, but my sausage toes
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Manicure Nightmare

If you’ve read my previous post on my grown out nails, you’ll be happy to know that I finally got then fixed.

Walking in without an appointment was pretty stupid, but I had spontaneously freed up time to go. And to call just 15 minutes prior to arriving is just as stupid. Of course my normal manicurist was busy and of course she had just started on someone else and the wait was going to be around an hour. I felt like Bad Luck Brian. Seeing someone else seemed the better than waiting an hour at 9 on a weeknight.

I chose a dark blue base with a silver glitter French tip. I was catching up on gossip with the other ladies and when I checked the progress of the manicure I was very displeased. It was fucked up on many levels. Glitter was everywhere, it was thick and uneven, it was pretty much a sight for sore eyes. With no choice but to come again another day since they were close to closing time, I unhappily left the parlor for home.

Lesson learned. NEVER not make an appointment for someone you know who does their job properly.



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