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Date Night

To alleviate my Sunday evening depression, food and entertainment is in order. Finally going to see Hangover 3 for a good laugh. I must say, much better than I expected considering the second one was rather shit. Aside from the bucket of popcorn I stuffed my face with, LN and I had a light meal at Sorriso.





Some fun and games at the children’s arcade to finish the night as Macau’s casinos are too far.


A great finale to the last weekend in Hong Kong before our trip to Europe.

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Drunk Bears

Sending my boy to a party means homemade alcoholic treats!
My first batch of vodka gummies.

A failure. How careless of me to forget to put them in the fridge! But I eventually did and the bears merged into one huge piece of jello candy!



My second and third batch that turned out beautifully! These bears got hella drunk!







Pretty ok job for my first try on this perfect boat trip treat. Will definitely make this easy party snack all summer!


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Steak Stir-Fry

LN’s steak stir-fry. Sirloin, eggplant, bell pepper, mushrooms – absolute deliciousness!


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Topshop Manic

Hong Kongers go crazy about anything and everything. The big inflatable duck is just the example. The next new thing is here and the girls have gone insane. Yes, the grand opening of Topshop in Hong Kong. A queue since 9am to the start of a party in the evening. Oh, did I also mention, in the rain? HK girls have too much time.


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Smaller 3

Catching up with my two best friends! The trio reunited at last! A lot of weight lost in our group! Cheers to being healthy! A romantic threesome dinner at Koh Thai. Chilled wine, (relatively) healthy food, and nonstop conversation about makeup, skincare, fashion, and last but not least, BOYS!




All important that needs to be said is now said. Fuck food coma, bring on the booze!

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Snack Time

I felt like seafood, so I made myself about 15 crayfishes. Yes. What I like, I like a lot of! It’s kind of like a snack at recess… Except bigger! And of course, no one scolds me for ruining my appetite for dinner! : )


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Lonely Gym

An empty gym almost all to myself! Exercise and time alone with my thoughts makes me feel motivated! A good sweat to a good mood. Though my legs feel like pudding, my mind is clear and focused!

Is your body beach ready?



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June 4, 24 Years Later

24 years ago today was the day of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Hong Kongers gathered together in Victoria Park tonight to fight for rights and democracy and to remember all those courageous students China lost.


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Joseristine Haul

So, a not so well kept secret is the Hong Kong skincare line, Joseristine. For some reason, I had only recently learned about this brand and I’m blaming myself harshly for it. I have read some raving reviews about their miraculous and affordable products and had to try it out for myself to be convinced!

I may have gone a bit overboard, but the total bill only came up to under $700HKD for all this swag!


Bulgarian Rose Sensuous Massage Oil
Milky Protein Cleansing Lotion
Blanc Day/Night Tonic
H2O Hydrating Cleansing Water
H2O Hydrating Gel
Sucrose Hair Treatment
Black Sugar Shower Gel
Super Sugar Shower Gel
Collagen Hydration Paper Mask
Turnaroung-15 Minutes Paper Mask
Hyaluronic Acid Paper Mask
Anti-Acne Paper Mask
Blanc Diamond Shine Paper Mask

AND… Freebies!
Ki Collagen Concentrate Paper Mask
JimmBenny  Aroma Therapy Insect Repelling Body Spray
LumLum Addict: Apple and Witch Hazel Extract Purifying Mask
C.L. Horse Oil Shower Gel
Joseristine Ginger and Black Sugar Shower Gel
Joseristine 3D Slimming and Firming Neck Cream
Joseristine Blanc Cellular Reviving Cream
Joseristine Hydrating Cleansing Milk
Joseristine Hydrating Night Mask

On the way home found a Korean cosmetics and skincare store and refilled my stock of Nature Republic’s super amazing aloe gel! Read my review here!

So far, I’ve only tried out the Super Sugar Shower Gel and I love it! To be fair, I was most excited about this product as I’ve heard and read that it’s ultra gentle and moisturizing. And they didn’t lie! It not only provides the skin with moisture, but cleanses thoroughly and there are no traces of chemicals. Probably because just before this I was using the crap from Body Shop. Skin feels smooth, supple with a touch of light fragrance.

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Shanghai Food (Again)

The first time you have something you love again in a long time, you suddenly remember how good it is and wonder to yourself why you managed to live without for so long! I’m currently obsessed with xiao long bao dumplings! My third time devouring these balls of deliciousness! Went out of my way to the closest Shanghainese restaurant to my office with some colleagues of mine. Starting to worry about my weight again… but totally worth it!






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